The House System

There are four houses deployed to the students, RED (Ruby House), BLUE (Sapphire House), GREEN (Emerald House) & YELLOW (Topaz House).The house system plays a vital role in the systematic running of the school. It helps in developing a wide range of school activities including academics, games and other co-curricular activities. The system elicits a keen sense of participation and belonging and cuts across all class divisions, thereby bringing a greater degree of cohesion between the students, staff and administration. The lifeline of this system is curricular and co-curricular activities which promote the active and wholesome all round development of the growing student. A student is expected to show consistent interest in at least one co-curricular area and be participative in House activities.


The school will be focusing on the talents of the students in arts and sports and these extra-curricular activities are incorporated in the school schedule. These extra-curricular activities will not affect the academic activities of the students.


Students are taught to play various musical instruments with special emphasis on training children in Indian classical music and dance forms


Specialized Coaches and Professional train our students in various fields of Co-curricular activities. Which enhance all round development of the students and balance environment of awareness and activities.